British Crown Rejects Nuclear Veteran

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I have just got back from the appeal hearing and it has not been allowed. In some ways I can understand the decision as they do not have the remit to look at the criminal element involved. Although the removal of a lymph node has not caused any real harm, it is the psychological effect of not knowing what was discovered that is the worrying aspect. Having gone to the Doctor on many occasions regarding the abdominal pain in the earlier years I stopped attending when they were never able to diagnose the cause of the pain. Pain Killers eased the pain so I took them.

It appears the Ministry of Defence have ‘Carte Blanche’ to use British Servicemen and their Allies for any human experiments they wish and do not have to answer the consequences. This is akin to the NAZI Doctor Joseph Mengele removing body parts from human specimens alive and dead without having to account for their actions.

I have attached a full set of notes and pages referred to.

Will have to wait for the London cases now. There is a case conference for these next Friday (15th), although I am not going to the conference in London I will be linked to it by phone. I will now have to start and prepare for that one.

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end quote.

The Crown might try and conceal the tons of U237 the nuclear veterans on Christmas Island were subjected to. But it has failed. The Crown might deny the request to release the doses suffered on the grounds of causing an international scandal, as it has, but the veterans know the Crown has lied for decades over the actual doses received.

The Crown might maintain the resultant suffering, death and deformity did not occur, but it did. The Crown alleges no link between the suffering of Dave and the cause for the need of his lymph gland removal.

But we know the cause and the effect.

The Crown might deny justice but we know the truth.

How much they paid the doctors and how deep down in the bowels of the Crown secret pockets the documents reside is an open question. It is time the vault was pillaged so that people might see with their own eyes, rather than with the pat reassurances of political puppets the evidence of deception.

Nothing has changed. The song remains the same. Pretend, by all means, that no victims exist.

But too many people know that victims did, and do, exist. Nuclear pollution is not “normal” . It is a crime.

If one reads the writings of nuclear authorities on the issue of thyroid cancer caused by the nucelar pollution of Chernobyl, one can see the fairly uniform atempt to minimize the import and impact of this disease upon the suffering victims. It is, they say, a minor disease, easily diagnosed and treated. A simple operation, followed by a lifetime of synthetic endocrine replacement therapy. No worries, nothing else, and no other possible impact from the pollution. What patent bullshit.

Like the soldier above, who had to have a lymph gland taken out, no worries. No sure link in any case, out the door, and the claim of over diagnosis.

How many fucking pounds of flesh do they want?

How many people died of endocrine storm in the Downwind states of the United States and elsewhere? Unknown, many.

What of the other non cancer diseases? Streets in rural towns where cancer rates as well metabolic disease and other disabling illness struck every fourth household?

No matter how many bombs they dropped, they cannot say “Oh well, less cesium than the bombs are resident in Japan because of Fukushima.” Its not true anyway and one still must ADD THEM UP, the bombs and the reactor filth, to get the real picture.

Don’t take away when you should add.

Don’t deny the victims with lies.

Nuclear industry has never owned up to the immediate harms, and never owns the long term pain.

The last nuclear veterans are going through courts today.

This span of time gives the age of the lies. From the 1940s until today the lies remain the same.

“No radiation illness in Japan”: Groves, 1945.

“No radiation illness in Fukushima”. Dr Yamashita and the Fukushima Medical University, 2013.

“Dave’s suffering is not the responsibility of the British Crown: MoD, November, 2013.

On this basis the afflicted child in Fukushima today, one of the 44 who has thyroid cancer today and who, according to Yamashita and the University, cannot possibly be a reactor failure victim, can expect to be fighting until old age for justice weighed against the pound they rip from the throats of the afflicted.

“tumors arising in the Chernobyl population began developing with surprising rapidity and short latency.” Dr Yamashita, “Childhood thyroid cancer: comparison of Japan and Belarus”. First Department of Internal Medicine, Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Japan. Endocr J. 1998 Apr;45(2):203-9.

“cancer cases were not found among children hit by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident until four to five years later.” Dr. Yamashita and Fukushima Medical University, 2013.

How much did this 2013 “research” finding cost, Yamashita? Do you think you can overtime convention by your command?


What is the latent period of thyroid cancer really? Free Full Text.

This source states: “The high incidence of childhood thyroid cancer in Belarus is suspected to be due to radiation exposure after the Chernobyl reactor accident” (Abstract) (pdf page 2, journal page 204).

“All of the preceding thyroid carcinomas developed after longer latency periods,
whereas tumors arising in the Chernobyl population began developing with surprising rapidity and short latency.” (pdf page 2, journal page 204).

The authors cite the Chernobyl-Sasakawa Health and Medical Cooperation Project as a source in the Abstract. The public data published by this organization is Chernobyl A Decade – Proceedings of the Fifth Chernobyl Sasakawa Medical Cooperation Symposium, Kiev, Ukraine, 14-15 October 1996 (International Congress S.) Shunichi Yamashita (Edited by), Yoshisada Shibata (Edited by)
The publication is available at :

2. Chernobyl Radiation-induced Thyroid Cancers in Belarus
Mikhail V. MALKO
Joint Institute of Power and Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Krasin Str. 99, Minsk, Sosny, 220109, Republic
of Belarus:
QUOTE: ” absence of marked latency period is another feature of radiation-induced thyroid cancers caused in Belarus as a result of this accident. “

3. “Minimum Latency & Types or Categories of Cancer” John Howard, M.D., Administrator World Trade Center Health Program, 9.11 Monitoring and Treatment, Revision: May 1, 2013, states that the latent period for Thyroid cancer is :
“2.5 years, based on low estimates used for lifetime risk modeling of low-level ionizing radiation studies”, pdf page 1.

4. Latency Period of Thyroid Neoplasia After Radiation Exposure
Shoichi Kikuchi, MD, PhD, Nancy D. Perrier, MD, Philip Ituarte, PhD, MPH, Allan E. Siperstein, MD, Quan-Yang Duh, MD, and Orlo H. Clark, MD

From the From Department of Surgery, UCSF Affiliated Hospitals, San Francisco, California.

“Latency Period of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Tumors

Although some sporadic tumors unrelated to radiation may be included among our patients, the shortest latency period for both benign and malignant tumors was 1 year as occurred in 3 patients, whereas the longest time was 69 and 58 years, respectively (Fig. 1).” As published in Journal List nAnn Surg v.239(4); Apr 2004 PMC1356259, available full text at

5. Thyroid cancers after the Chernobyl accident;
Chernobyl accident; lessons learnt, an update. 2010.
Sir Dillwyn Williams

“Tumours are becoming less aggressive” Williams, as above, 2010. (ie late onset)

2010 was 24 years after the exposure events caused by the Chernobyl disaster.

2013 is 2.5 years after the Fukushima Diiachi disaster exposure period commenced.

On the basis of the evidence presented above I ask the following question:

Do the staff of Fukushima Prefectural Health Management Survey, Fukushima Prefectural Health Management Survey Review Committee, Fukushima Medical University, Doctor S. Yamashita and Dr Suzuki characterize the Chernobyl Findings in a manner which contradicts the actual findings of those relevant Chernobyl related peer reviewed, qualified, published papers?
If so, why?

Further, Williams, Cambridge, as cited above provides data which shows that the form of the disease varies in it’s nature according to dose. The minimum dose band, like the other dose bands, remains associated with exposures due to the Chernobyl disaster.

For more detail and information on the papers, please the previous post at

What is the 2013 “research” by Yamashita worth? It’s not worth its weight in chicken shit.

How much does it take to change a nuclear doctor’s mind?

Not much apparently.

Just money?

These dudes think we are dumb enough not to know the difference between the shortest latent period with the median latent period, and given 44 cases existed in August 2013, what awaits parents as the years click by toward that dreaded median?

Still it is unacceptable to deny the early victims exist before the flood of cases.

We are individuals, but the nukers treat us like a heard of bovine cud chewers.

Let the pound of flesh they take from you cost them heaps. Make it not the worth the cost of their alleged “research”.

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