The emergency fuel rod removal at Fuk that took 32 months to even start.

How slack. Nuclear authorities will claim it as a great victory though.

In March 2011 Reuters and other media outlets reported that the main danger posed by the disaster at Fukushima Diiachi resided in the fuel pools, not the cores in the reactors. Albeit that nuclear experts informed the media of this fact against the assurance of the same nuclear experts that core melts had not occurred, when in fact they knew they had, and so it’s hard to believe anything an expert in these matters says.

Still there is more fuel resident in the fuel pools than there is either in a molten ex vessel state or as plastic and overheated fuel in the the vessels.

And the fuel pools in the reactor buildings are all open to the air.

The Japanese Nuclear Industry Forum confirms that there were multiple fires in fuel pool number 4 in the days of the initial emergency in March 2011.
The Forum does not confirm what was burning.

Throughout the period the world nuclear industry has insisted that the fuel pool in reactor building number 4 was sound and safe. Despite the lean the building developed, and despite the fact the structure sunk some degree off level. It is bent, twisted, weakened. It lost the means to remove its fuel.

The US NRC vs Japan dispute over whether the Fuel pool 4 lost its water remains unresolved.

No nuclear expert knows the exact condition of the foundations of the reactor buildings, though post disaster the problem of ground water flow through the basements of the buildings is an admitted problem. Still they say the situation is perfectly safe and under control. Imagine trying to license a reactor park in the control of Fukushima Diiachi. Would it pass muster and would any sane individual grant the licence?


Why not? It’s perfectly safe they say.

Let’s believe (in theory only of course) the nuclear experts. The main threat is, according to them, the fuel pools.

Working with apparently all possible speed then, to remedy this situation of threat, it has taken until November 2013 to even contemplate the removal of the very first spent fuel rod. They have thousands to remove.

Are the reactor buildings in a state fit for human occupation? with thousands of gallons per day flowing through them, no. With their footings compromised by both water and subsidence, no. With their walls off level and structurally damaged, no.

Why did it take so long to even contemplate the removal of the first spent fuel rods ? Tepco has had to build a massive structure to enable the placement of removal equipment over the fuel pool.

Given this state of affairs and given the state of the facility, why are authorities satisfied with the current evacuation zone?

One can see why Tepco was made a government body. It is bankrupt and it is still a functioning disaster. It cannot make a profit. So it is now a public disservice. Yakuza – organised crime – select it’s ‘civil servants’ who work for slave wages and slave conditions. This is the best Japan and world nuclear experts can do.

It is pathetic.

Some months ago, I asked a US nuclear engineer, via his blog, what his view of the state of reactor building four and the structure supporting it’s fuel pool was.

Despire the fact that this engineer was busy at the time attempting to put the boot into Robert Alvarez over Bob’s concern about the integrity of the fuel pool, the nuclear engineer told me it was not, in his opinion, in a good state, and no, it the building certainly would not be licensed to hold the thousands of fuel rods that it does if approval was sought today. Why not? Because the building is unsound, and certainly, being open to the air and shaky, it is dangerous for such use.

Now, that is a nuclear engineer speaking bluntly of what he actually thought. As opposed to what he was putting on his blog at the time.

go figure. Which was wrong? His blog thoughts or his thoughts conveyed to me?

Must be desperate times for nuclear engineers who want to remain in the workforce.

Imagine being in a car crash and it took the Fire Brigade 32 months to arrive with the Jaws of Life equipment to removal you from the crushed and wobbly cabin.

The ones closest in are the most affected.

Maybe the nuclear engineer was lying to me. Maybe reactor building 4 would be licensed today to hold spent fuel in its pool.

Maybe the building has been fit for purpose since March 2011, or even since 1974. (I think not in both cases). Oh well, since March 2011 we have been assured by the nuclear liars that all is well with the building and that it is fit for purpose.

Such propaganda is a defacto license approval which only now being canceled. The license for fuel storage in fuel pool 4 will not be finally canceled in full until the last fuel rod has been removed without mishap. And we all know, in case of mishap, the world nuclear authorities will say, oh well, perfectly safe.

Well trained monkeys.

Nuclear industry, in its individual and collective response to this blog obviously considers me and voters of my ilk as simple idiots who know nothing.

But I don’t willfully and knowingly tell lies like they do.

The whole sorry saga in relation to the fuel pools reveals that Bob Alvarez is, in all probability, correct in his assessment of the dangers of nuclear fuel pools at reactor sites all over the world.

The NRC certainly disagrees with Bob, who long before March 2011 had raised his concerns in writing. The NRC responded in writing, published at its website, and which, since March 2011 has been amended. The NRC does not give the full reasons why it considers Bob to be wrong. It claims it cannot for security reasons.

Likewise, I imagine, the Japanese government is hamstrung by the same secrecy for reasons of security, and so is prevented in its (feeble to non-existent) attempts to be open with the Japanese people and the world in this same matter.

If any other industry was given the same protection against full disclosure to shareholders as nuclear industry, it would be rejected by investors.

Meanwhile, denied the right of reply due to non disclosure, Bob Alvarez is unable to fully answer his critics within the feather bedded industry.

Because they refuse to disclose their reasons for disagreeing with him.

That is not open argument. It is nuclear dictatorship.

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