Fuk Reactor 1 containment failure confirmed by Tepco after 31 months of denial


Photo confirms water leaks from Fukushima reactor containment vessel

November 14, 2013


A camera installed on a remote-controlled device captured the first direct evidence that water is leaking from a containment vessel at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant operator, said Nov. 13 that the water was leaking from an unidentified source, possibly a broken part in the suppression chamber or elsewhere in the containment vessel that houses one of the three reactors that went into meltdowns as a result of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster.

TEPCO used the compact floating device earlier in the day to survey conditions near the No. 1 reactor’s suppression chamber that lies beneath the containment vessel.

The suppression chamber, connected via vent pipes to the containment vessel, is designed to regulate pressure in the reactor in the event of an accident. Radiation levels in the area measured between 0.9 and 1.8 sieverts per hour.

Water was also found leaking from a snapped vinyl chloride pipe that extends from the bottom part of the containment vessel and is designed to collect water droplets that form on the containment vessel, TEPCO added.

TEPCO said it would continue the investigations on Nov. 14 with the remote-control device. It will try to locate the source of the leaks as part of efforts to decommission the crippled reactor, the utility said.

end quote.

Flies in the face of the promises and assurances of then AEC Chair Glenn Seaborg that multi watt reactors are perfectly and that such failure was not a realistic possibility. On this basis such reactors were approved by the US Congress and the AEC and also approved for export to Japan.

It is a pity that the promised full scale cooling system safety tests never took place. It is a pity that Seaborg blew that budget on the development of the Fermi fast breeder reactor. The meltdown of which nearly took out Detroit.

It is a pity that the AEC, GE and Westinghouse sacked personnel who objected to the claimed safety of the untested (apart from incomplete scaled down tests) coolings systems.

It is a pity that those scale model safety tests did not suffer the back pressure issues which, at the time, the soon to be sacked employees knew from calculations, would prevent the flow of additional coolant into the reactors in emergency.

Exactly as suffered in 2011.

It is a pity that the US legislators and nuclear bullies approved containment buildings which were predicted by employees to be too weak. They predicted that they would blow apart.

The US regulator stated that it would “cause trouble than I could stand” to change to the approval and specifications.

The containment buildings blew apart as predicted in March 2011.

It is a pity the US regulator viewed the pressure vessels too weak, the suppression pools too weak and small to withstand cooling system failure. It would be too much trouble to change the regulations.

Decades later, for 31 months after March 2011, Tepco, JGov and world nuclear cultists claimed that no pressure vessel failure had occurred at Fukushima Diiachi.

On 14 Nov 2013, 2 days ago, these bodies finally admit that, you guessed it, the pressure vessel and suppression toroid in reactor number 1, the one whose ECCS failed first, had, as predicted by experts decades ago (the ones who lost their jobs for their trouble), failed in March 2011.

So much for the supposedly mysterious steam rising from Reactor 1 as admitted in September 2013 by Tepco, JGov and other nuclear cultists.

The cultists who have maintained since June 2013 that the reactors were not emitting nuclear pollution, were in “cold shutdown” and perfectly safe.

What, pray tell, does one believe when these dudes open their mouths? Anything at all?

Millions of people around the world watched the TEPCO live cam, streaming vision over the net 24/7. What the viewers witnessed since 2011 until the present time, is frequent steam rising from the NPP, frequent smoke, and reasonably constant sea spray droplet washing passed the building, and being blown inland.

I wonder why it is that Tepco has facilitated for so long such a source of dissonance. The dissonance. The dissonance created by what it transmits 24/7 over the net, and the contents of its press releases and the articles of the journalists paid to write a contrary script.

“Deviancy amplification” . One does not need to be a genius to see that taking place.

In 1967 the nuclear industry lowered the Fukushima cliffs by dynamite and bulldozer. They built the Diiachi NPP there, knowingly building the reactors and building into an aquifer between two streams which drain the Fukushima plains with pressure from the snow covered Fukushima mountains.

What a core catcher. Knowing the risks from the freshly published Ergen Report into meltdown consequences and Cooling system safety, they obviously planned to the wet sand as a nuclear latrine. That’s their view of nuclear safety.


“US nuclear expert Lake Barrett ‘not concerned’ by Fukushima radioactive leaks

By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy, wires

Updated Sat 14 Sep 2013, 9:25am AEST ”

Really? Well, those who wish to play “Simon says” with Lake are free to do so.

I ain’t.

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