We wont eat it ourselves, but we have to sell it – Farmers to JGov.

Via Nelson’s Evacuate Fukushima blog:

“We won’t eat it ourselves, but we sell it” – Fukushima farmers to the Government
by nelson311

This is a very powerful video and heartbreaking ! We wish for these brave farmers to be compensated for their lost.

The farmers don’t even want to eat their crops, do you think you should ?

Shame on you Japan, for abandoning these brave people and making them an accessory in putting consumers in danger.

Farmers to the Japanese government;

“you keep saying harmful rumors … but it is not a rumor. If it is just a rumor, there would not have a basis for it … Our farmland have been seriously contaminated, in the thousands of Beqs … I measure it everyday on my land! It is THERE! So if you are saying these are “harmful rumors”, then take the contamination off my land !! You are not doing your job!”

“The environment hasn’t changed at all since the explosion.”

“I know there is radiation in what we grow. I feel guilty about growing it and selling them to consumers”

“We won’t eat it ourselves, but we sell it”

“Would you eat it yourself? I commend you for your willingness to sacrifice yourself (sarcasm)”

feeling guilty

“but I bet you won’t allow your children to eat them (contaminated crops)”

“I can understand that you need to protect your job and your position, but you are crossing lines that should be crossed”

Live from Lalaland

special thx to World Network for Saving Children from Radiation
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