General Motors flees the country. The PM says “Let the workers eat Yellowcake”

“While I accept that the economy of South Australia is fragile, while I accept that Adelaide in particular has suffered a series of knocks, it lost Mitsubishi just a few years ago and it did come through and there is much that we can be hopeful and optimistic about in the resilience of the South Australian economy particularly if government can do all that is necessary to ensure that the Olympic Dam mine expansion goes ahead.” The Prime Minister. Allegedly of Australia.

When the US and Japan stops printing money in order to lower the value of their currencies, and lower the value of their debts to China, the Australian will fall. For the actually the movement in ultimate value is NOT in the Australian dollar, but in the US dollar and the yen.

Bechtel and General Atomics will be pleased.

” Bob Katter, question to PM THURSDAY 12 DEC 13‏


Paul Langley
12:35 PM
Picture of Paul Langley

Could I please have a transcript of Mr Katter’s question (regarding the floating Australian dollar) to the PM made in parliament on Thursday 12 12 13 regarding the impact on Australian workers and employers, businesses, farms, factories and the community? The points made by Mr Katter
are of great importance and I thank him for asking the question.

If possible please also supply a transcript of the PM’s reply.

Yep, Mr Katter was misrepresented but thanks so much for asking the question Mr Katter.

Paul Langley

Awaiting transcript of Bill Shorten’s questions and comments made in Parliament 12 12 13 also.!_What_a_Lovely_War

War is economics by other means.

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