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Hello Everyone,

I have pleasure in enclosing Fissionline No15, the Christmas Edition.

I have added the following as it may be of interest.

I recently received a copy of the ‘Radiological Safety Regulations’ for Christmas Island dated July 1958 and I believed there were numerous articles that nuclear Veterans would be rather interested , or shocked, if they read them.

As I had already received numerous other documents and was under restriction as to what I could, or could not divulge I decided to request directions on whether or not it was permissible to communicate these interesting articles to other like minded nuclear Veterans as the document did not contain any personal information.

Although I have not received the official judicial direction on this matter, I have received a reply from the Treasury Solicitor informing me that I am not permitted to use the ‘Radiological Safety Regulations’ for any purpose other than the appeal. I wonder what information the TSoL is afraid to let the world know!

It now appears the MoD, AWE and TSoL in addition to being permitted to lose, hide, falsify or forge documents they can now deny the nuclear Veterans their basic right to discover what safety regulations were in force when they were ordered to attend the British nuclear tests.

To all nuclear Veterans, their Families and Supporters I personally wish a ‘Very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’

Dave Whyte

PS. Remember to send a copy to your Friends and Member of Parliament.

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