Documents from Nuclear Veteran Dave Whyte’s Court Hearing.

Recap: In November 2013 Dave Whyte sent the following email:

Hello Everyone,

I have just got back from the appeal hearing and it has not been allowed. In some ways I can understand the decision as they do not have the remit to look at the criminal element involved. Although the removal of a lymph node has not caused any real harm, it is the psychological effect of not knowing what was discovered that is the worrying aspect. Having gone to the Doctor on many occasions regarding the abdominal pain in the earlier years I stopped attending when they were never able to diagnose the cause of the pain. Pain Killers eased the pain so I took them.

It appears the Ministry of Defence have ‘Carte Blanche’ to use British Servicemen and their Allies for any human experiments they wish and do not have to answer the consequences. This is akin to the NAZI Doctor Joseph Mengele removing body parts from human specimens alive and dead without having to account for their actions.

I have attached a full set of notes and pages referred to.

Will have to wait for the London cases now. There is a case conference for these next Friday (15th), although I am not going to the conference in London I will be linked to it by phone. I will now have to start and prepare for that one.

All the best


At the time I first posted this, in Novemeber2013, I said I would post the documents. I have only now converted the pdf doc to a series of jpg images, so hear they are:

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