US Freedom of Information Application – Core Melt at Fukushima Unit 1 via ENFORMABLE

THanks to Ray Masalas of Canada for pointing this one out, which classically carries on from the confirmation of ECCS failure, Day 1 of disaster Unit 1, Fukushima Diiachi, as recorded on the Tepco Engineers whiteboard as photographed and broadcast by Dan Edge and his crew.

Original puclication : ENFORMABLE, available at:


Quote:”Our FOIA archives feature collected and sorted FOIA documents, and are sub-categorized by event, topic, importance, and type.Email chains are extracted and published according to date.Press releases are archived by date of publication.Presentation materials and pdfs are summarized and displayed in whole.Each post is titled with the date of transmission of that particular FOIA combined with the subject of the message.”

March 22nd, 2011 – Core melt at Fukushima Unit 1 from 11 to 12 March 2011, March 22nd, 2011 Pages From FOIA C146301-02X – Group

Considered verified.

Referring to the previous post, the ECCS Emergency Core Cooling System – which was found not to work in tests in Idaho in 1970 and 1971 (Nader et al; AEC; US Congress, Holifield) was “engineered” to prevent Core overheat, Hydrogen production, containment breach and core melt.

As the previous post shows, a raft of experts, including those within the US AEC and consequently, US Congress, knew the ECCS would not work as designed. But as we can now see, and as the NRC short history (see previous post) admits, there was “controversey” over whether the ECCS would do anything at all to prevent nuclear disaster – loss of containment and the creation of a long lasting molten core as described by the AEC’s Ergen report of 1967 (see the post for the full text of the Ergen report, formally known as Emergency core cooling : report
Author: W K Ergen; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Advisory Task Force on Power Reactor Emergency Cooling.
Publisher: Oak Ridge, Tenn : USAEC, Division of Technical Information Extension, [1966?]
Edition/Format: Book : EnglishView all editions and formats
Database: WorldCat)

Here’s the full text images of Enformable’s FOIA documents provided by US NRC in response to the C146301-02X request to the US government:

these documents, like the IAEA memo reporting the fuel pool fires of March 15 2011 in unit 4, completely contradict the media feeds which have persisted in the transmission of false information for a period of time approching 3 full years. And the means of correcting the record lays largely in the use of US FOIA by ordinarty people in the USA and elsewhere where entitled.

Everytime nuclear lies have to be corrected by ordinary people applying for the truth from the US government, the view point of the ordinary person is elevated and the propaganda of the nuclear authorities is diminished even further on a global basis.

Things have not changed since the 1950s have they, Dave Whyte?

I hope everyone gets their copies of these FOIA documents from the Enformable site and not from me. Have a visit to Enformable anyway.

The nuclear bomb tests in Nevada USA in the 1950s produced 4 times the fallout of the Chernobyl disaster. The fallout significantly fell on the US Downwinders.

Before anyone suggests Fukushima is going to end life on earth, talk to a Downwinder to find out what really happens in the wake of nuclear releases.

The signigicant thing that happens is a denial of any harm, issued by nuclear authorities, despire the clear and present evidence that they did indeed cause danger and harm to very many people and in fact to significant isolated communities and individuals.

This same denial and cover up is going on today in Japan. And I will show the documents which lead me to this conclusion, again, next post, on the eve of the 3 year review by Fukushima Medical University of the Fukushima children.

Events happen first and most commonly, to those closest in. Whether it be bomb fallout or reactor fallout. The frontline is Japan.

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