Chronic Radiation Syndrome (CRS) in residents of  the Techa riverside villages

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Federal Medical‐Biological Agency (Russia)
Urals Research Centre for Radiation Medicine
Chronic Radiation Syndrome (CRS) in residents of 
the Techa riverside villages
A.V. Akleyev
ConRad, 13‐16 May 2013, Munich

they just loooove to whittle down the liability don’t they? Least the components of syndrome are there for all to see.

Note to Dr Yamashita: notice sir, there is no insane references to happy people being immune, or any finding of your supposed “mental weakness” in the afflicted cohort.

Noone expects lay people to believe or accept the cut and dry dose rate and dose do they?

What was it Carole Gallagher was saying last week about the endocrine system diseases of Nevada and Utah Down Winders last week?

Found it. Let’s just put it up here ex facebook.

Carole Gallagher
January 27 · Edited
Today is the anniversary of the first atmospheric nuclear test detonated at the Nevada Test Site, January 27, 1951. In honor of the downwinders, atomic veterans, and test site workers harmed by this program of nuclear testing, which ended in 1992, I have put my essay, “Making the Invisible Visible,” previously published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists but inaccessible to those who do not subscribe, on my blog. for all of you.

This is a photograph of downwinder Della Truman, dressed in traditional Mormon burial clothing. Photo copyright Carole Gallagher from “American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War,” published by The MIT Press, and later by Random House, Inc. in paperback, thanks to Harold Evans.

Carole had all this stuff sized up years ago. She didn’t exclude anyone on account of some mythical conformity to someone’s assessment of the nature of their suffering, and certainly did’nt and doesn’t exclude on the basis of a digital readout on some fangled machine.

Aspects and components of a syndrome can and do exist below the threshold of legal liability defined in the Health Physics text books.

Two more things to repost in this context. The PBS Newshour article on their revisit of Chernobyl. And a piece on Radiological Social Work in Belarus.

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