Attempted Decontamination of Farmland in Japan by Ploughing – Farmers of the world, skill up.

What’s a farmer’s field worth devoid of it’s topsoil?

How successful is ploughing as a means of decontamination? Depends on how honest the nuclear experts are and on how slack they are. It didn’t work at Bikini Atoll. USA is still trying to get rid of their mess from the 1950s. Using potassium. Cesium is NOT a banana.

Who is paying for the decontamination of this land? Is it the industry which caused via a Cesium Levy? No.

It is the ordinary taxpayer of Japan.  This is corporate welfare.  How do farmers raise a product without benefit of the topsoil which took generations of skilled stewardship to create, build up and maintain?  This is corporate impost and risk imposed by a global welfare beneficiary of great wealth and influence.  There is no justice here.

Look, it is my experience as an Australia with a bit more memory than a goldfish that nuclear NEVER give accurate assessments of the consequences of nuclear disaster.   They initially assure safety and when an event occurs, respond with public opinion control and denial of harms. DECADES later, they come out with some truth.  The aim of the game is to minimise cost and to limit liabiity. It is also to allow the industry and activity to continue.  They wait for about a generation or the half life of Strontium 90 and then say “tut tut, those old experts didn’t know enough but now we know it all so dont contradict us.” They still dont pay just compensation the victims.  And when they themselves commit the same cock ups say “It’s perfectly, dont be radiophobic spreaders of FUD. The reactor will only be offline for year, renewables are not the answer, they don’t need fuel mines and drill heads.”  A circle game.

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