How well does ploughing work as a method of Nuclear Decontamination?

How well does ploughing work? After the British had finised nuking Australia, they ploughed areas of the Maralinga nuclear test site and declared it clean as a result.
The Australian Radiation Protection And Safety Agency reports as follows: “What has been done to rehabilitate the site?

In a rehabilitation operation carried out by the UK Ministry of Defence in 1967 (Operation Brumby), an attempt was made to dilute the surface concentration of plutonium in the more highly contaminated areas, particularly in central Taranaki. This was done by turning over and mixing the surface soil. In future rehabilitation programs this area was known as the “ploughed area”.

“Since the closure of the range in 1967, numerous studies have been carried out to map and characterise the contamination at Maralinga including detailed studies in 1984-85 by the Australian Radiation Laboratory (ARL, which became ARPANSA in February 1999). These studies revealed that contamination levels at the site were much greater than earlier acknowledged.” Source:

How many times will Fukkushima be ploughed? Once in the current era and again in 32 years time? After the truth comes out?

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